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Gavin Tucker is a Professional MMA fighter out of Halifax, though is a proud Newfoundlander. Boasting a perfect professional record of 7-0, Gavin Tucker is out there to be the best fighter he can be.

In his pursuit of fighting knowledge Gavin has found himself training quite a bit in Thailand, learning the art of Muay Thai in its homeland. After training in Thailand Gavin’s perspective of the sport completely changed, he saw there that fighting wasn’t just sport that you did for pleasure, it was a lifestyle, something you don’t just dedicate a few days of the week too, but every hour of everyday of the week.

With all of this time spent learning martial arts, Gavin has found he’s got a lot he’s able to teach, whether it be a careful eye watching your footwork as your doing pads, or an able sparring partner, Gavin is always willing to offer helpful insight into your game.

A lot has been said about Gavin’s time in Thai land, and his proficiency as a Muay Thai fighter, but Gavin is also a talented Judo practitioner, Wrestler, Boxer, and a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Purple belt.