Titans Martial Arts and Fitness

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Titans Martial Arts and Fitness in Halifax is the most comprehensive MMA gym in Nova Scotia, featuring classes in all major aspects of MMA, by some of the best instructors in Canada. Our instructors are Brazilian Jujitsu Black Belts, under world famous Renzo Gracie. Whether you are looking at getting in the best shape of your life, learning self defense, or becoming a professional MMA fighter, our professional trainers will help you obtain your goals. We have a wide range of classes that are designed for beginners as well as advanced competitors. We also offer separate classes for men and women.

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Kids class – $70/month
Muay Thai – $105/month
Beginner Jiu Jitsu $105/month
MMA – $105/month
Women’s Jiu Jitsu – $70/month
Morning Muay Thai – $70/month
Boxing – $70/month
Advanced Jiu Jitsu – $110/month

All courses are 10% off with a 3 month membership
20% off with a 6 month membership
30% off with a year membership

Any two programs $175/month
Any three programs $199/month
Weights bags and cardio $35- $50/month

There are private lessons available for all courses as well as strength and conditioning lessons